Mariam Wafa

Mariam has an accomplished career as a singer, songwriter, publisher, and executive producer of Afghan and English music during dangerous times of war for women in music. Her love for her people of Afghanistan has inspired her to create music, and recently she has decided to share her music with the world through her own site, YouTube site, and by distributing her music on popular music sites.  She is in process of creating more music to support, inspire, and encourage people to be kind to each other around the world. Mariam’s recent success has given her the spotlight guest appearance on ToloTV (on AfghanStar, ‘The Voice’ of Afghanistan).

Please visit Mariam’s new YouTube page ( to watch her latest videos.  You can see Mariam’s posts and activities, and upcoming concerts here on or on facebook or Instagram.  You can purchase Mariam Wafa music on most Global popular music sites by the end of July.  Look for updates soon on new music and the ability to purchase her music for the first time.

About Mariam:

Mariam was born in a beautiful city of Kabul Afghanistan and lived there until the age of 5. She then left her country with her family due to the internal war in the country and migrated to California, U.S., and still lives there today. Since a very young age, Mariam has loved music which led her to pursuing music classes and training in a variety of colleges and universities. She attended Ali Akbar Khan collage for eastern classical music lessons and western music lessons in California Universities.

Mariam enjoys sharing her passion with her own people of Afghanistan and singing to support and encourage Afghan women. Mariam was a new first brave female artist that had the courage to sing and perform for her people after years of war in Afghanistan. Her mission was to encourage talented female singers that are here today to come out and share their talent with the rest of us. She believes in showing them that they need not be afraid and to share their talent openly.

In 1998, Mariam decided to come up with a CD titled “Wafa”. She worked with Schubert Awakian as a music arranger and various American musicians including Atta Attash as a poet and arranger. The CD was recorded in Los Angeles California and became number one in charts and was a success and well received by her fans.

In 2000 she came up with the CD titled “Naaz” in collaboration with Waheed Gasimi, a poet, arranger, and musician. The CD was recorded in Toronto Canada and was a success well received by her fans.

During these years Mariam has traveled the world on concert tours for her fans. In 2004 she started working with Farhad Darya on a music project called “Noqli Maidan”. This collaboration will be released in the near future.

Due to personal reasons Mariam took few year off of the music industry but based on the love, support and persistence of her fans she returned back in 2011 and received enormous amount of love from her people in return.

Among multiple TV shows, concerts, and appearances, Mariam has appeared on Afghan Star as an honored guest on ToloTV, one of the most successful TV stations in Afghanistan. She performed live one of her original song (Aahoo Bara) the song had a big hit instantly and had millions of viewers.

She created “Kajak Abro” and her song hit the charts and became the people’s favorite with millions of viewers. Shortly after she came up with the song “Yaar man”; once again was a success and well received by her fans.

With all the success of her concerts and shows abroad, Mariam decided to donate to the children of Afghanistan and donated thousands to orphanage and charities. Mariam is planning to open an orphanage in Afghanistan and has multiple projects planned to create for them a better future.

مریم وفا

تاريخچه مختصر از زندگى نامه بانو مریم وفا

بانو وفا در شهر زيبای کابل أفغانستان چشم به جهان گشوده
تا سن پنج سالگی در آنجا زندگی نموده
به نسبت دلايل جنگ در أفغانستان با فاميل خویش كشور عزیز افغانستان را ترک نموده و به کشور آمریکا ایالت کالیفرنیا پناهنده شده و تافعل حال نیز در این کشور در ایالت کالیفرنیا آمریکا با فامیل خویش.زندگی میکند
بانو مریم مكتب را در آمریکا به پایان رسانيد و از دانشگاه کالاستیت. از رشته CPA فارغالتحصیل گردیده
بانو مریم از دوران کودکی به هنر موسیقی علاقه شدید داشت که این موضوع باعث شد هنر موسیقی شرقی را در کالج علی اکبرخان بطور مسلکی آموزش ببیند و بعدا موسیقی غربی را در یکی از کالج های آمریکا نیز آموزش ببیند
از سال 1998 کار عملی خویش را با سی دی وفا آغاز نمود بعدا در سال 1990 سی دی ناز را ارایه نمود و در سال 2004 سی دی نقل میدان را که با فرهاد دریا یکجا سرودند که تا هنوز ارایه نگردیده
بانو مریم به نسبت دلایل کاری یک مدت طولانی از موسیقی کناره گیری نمودند که به نسبت اسرار زیاد علاقه‌مندان دوباره به دنیای موسیقی روی آورده که با ارایه آهنگهای آهوبره .. بانو.. یارک.. مادر .. و کجک ابرو کار هنری خویش را دوباره آغاز نموند
بانو مریم با کنسرتهای بیشمار خویش مصدر خوشی بانوان افغان در کشورهای مختلف قرار گرفته و پول بدست آمده از این کنسرت ها را وقف اطفال بی بضاعت و یتیم کشور نموده اند و نیز تصمیم دارند در آینده در کشور خویش پرورشگاه برای اطفال یتیم کشور خویش بسازند
بانو وفا تصمیم دارد با تقدیم آهنگهای بیشماری در آینده جایگاه خاص خویش را که در گذشته داشت نزد علاقه‌مندان خویش بدست آورد
بانو مریم بجز مصروفیت در موسیقی با کمپانی airspace که با وزارت دفاع آمریکا مشترک کار میکند مشغول به كار است
ناگفته نماند که بانو مریم اولین زن آوازخوان افغان بوده که جرعت نموده بعد از جنگهای داخلی افغانستان قدم به دنیای موسیقی بگذارد و سبب خوشی ملت خویش گردد و نیز سبب تشویق دیگر بانوان آوازخوان افغان که فعلا در دنیای موسیقی مطرح هستند گردد
تشکر از توجه شما عزیزان